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Easy Gaming Group at a Glance

A Distinct Identity

Born out of an idea for creating an environment where local participants are allowed to cast their spells in a community where unknowns become family



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Main Tournaments

With this initiative, our goal is to host perfectly planned and executed tournaments

Fun Challenges

With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies to bully Adamin, team up with a lady participant, introduce new participants, battle it out against other cities and sling some spells in the EGG FNM series


As Easy Gaming Group, we are proud to introduce the EGG League, where your league placement goes according to your standing in main tournaments aswell as the other challenges we offer


Big brains with a distinct scrub level of game play

Adam Prevo'st

Adam started Easy Gaming Group with the vision and drive to create a friendly environment for local participants to cast their spells. Banter, sarcasm and trolling are second nature.

I started playing Magic in highschool around grade 11 in 2015.   First deck a built was a 75 no sideboard blue Eldrazi standard deck without sleeves. Really started to get into competitive magic when Kaladesh was released. I built my first tier 1 deck Temur Energy, which I used to win a Ixalan gameday at dragontown. I've played in two nationals tournament finishing each with a 5-3 record. I've played in multiple Egg tournamets were I've top 16de one, took a break for a few months the  came back to win the recent CCA 2020 Historic EGG tournament.
First nationals went 5-0 in constructed.
Won the Gameday.
Second nationals drafted mono green in the draft portion and hate drafted all the removal in my pod, haha.

Featured Player: November 2020

Nell Janse Van Rensburg



The complete list of previous EGG main tournament champions

JC Jacobs

EGG 1 champ

Imaad Davids

EGG 2 + EGG 8 champ

Allan Mundy

EGG 3 Champ

Theuns Prinsloo

EGG 4 + EGG 7 champ

Ricardo Barrata

EGG 5 Champ

Sinan Effendi

EGG 6 champ

Ryan Lello

EGG 9 champ


Our Sponsors

An absolute blessing and privilage to have these amazing sponsors/partners part of the family


Luckshack Milnerton


Contact Easy Gaming Group

Get in touch with Easy Gaming Group to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

073 617 5046


073 617 5046

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