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Cora Stobie's Quandrix Pre-con commander deck review and upgrade

Ryan Uren's Witherbloom pre-con commader deck review and upgrade

Yolanda Stopforth's Lorehold pre-con commander deck review and upgrade

Ricardo Leone's Prismari Pre-con commander deck review and upgrade


Adam Prevo'st


Head of organized play
Content creator
Co-Host of EGG Vodcast on Monday evenings:

Ryan started playing magic in 2017(When Dragons of Tarkir was released) The Durbanite now resides in Cambridge. Ryan prefers modern and have a deep love for Control Decks. "Favourite card is Savage Knuckleblade eventhough it is completely unplayable now"

Ryan is a regular fixture in high ranked Mythic, season in and season out. Usually top 8's most EGG main events.

A valued EGGie

Player of the month: May/June 2021

Ryan Davis

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Friends, Family and sponsors of E.G.G.

An absolute honour to have these legends as friends, family and sponsors

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Comic Con Africa



The complete list of previous EGG main tournament champions


JC Jacobs

EGG 1 champ


Imaad Davids

EGG 2 + EGG 8 champ

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-18 at

Allan Mundy

EGG 3 Champ


Theuns Prinsloo

EGG 4 + EGG 7 + EGG 11 champ


Ricardo Barrata

EGG 5 Champ


Sinan Effendi

EGG 6 champ

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-30 at

Ryan Lello

EGG 9 champ


Rishon Naidoo

EGG 10 (EGG X) champ


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