EGG National paper series 2021


Protea Gaming (Bloemfontein): 

25th June & 23rd July: Pioneer

18th June & 30th July: Modern

The Nexus (Johannesburg): 
26th June: Modern
10th July: Pioneer

Sad Robot (Johannesburg):
5th June: Standard
24th July: Modern

Top Deck (Johannesburg):
19th June: Pioneer
10th July: Standard

Protea Gaming (Potchefstroom)
5th June: Standard
26th June: Standard
24th July: Pioneer

Freemason Hall (East London):
4th June: Modern
18th June: Standard
25th June: Pioneer

The Geek Home (Pretoria): 
26th June & 10th July: Modern

16th June & 31st July: Pioneer
3rd July: Standard

The Den (Port Elizabeth):

5th June: Standard

19th June: Pioneer

26th June: Modern

Unseen Shoppe (Durban):
13th June: Standard
9th July: Pioneer
23rd July: Modern

The Bat Cave (Durban):
20th June: Moderm
27th June: Pioneer
4th July: Standard
11th July: Pioneer + Modern
18th July: Standard

Luckshack Milnerton (Capetown):
19th June & 4th July: Standard
26th June & 25th July: Pioneer
6th June & 10th July: Modern

Luckshack Plumstead (Capetown):
11th July & 31st July: Standard
20th June & 3rd July: Pioneer
27th June & 24th July: Modern

Main event at Nexus Hub, 24th to 26th September 2021
24th: Standard
25th: Modern
26th: Pioneer

Side event: Legacy

Prize support structure for main events: (Accurate to 60 players per event, may be adjusted with lower turn out)

- Winner: R10000, Winner playmat, winner trophy (per format)
- Runner up - 8th: R5000 cash split, top 8 playmats (per format)

Side event prize structure:
Cash split from 1st to 4th
- Winner playmat

More to follow