EGG National paper series 2021

Main event prize structure (Cash support accurate to 60 entries per format, may be adjusted with lower turn out)

All participants will receive a pack of Dragon Shield sleeves and a pack of Dragon Shield labels on arrival

R10000 per winner, per format
Top 8 playmats, per format
Top 4 Comic Con Merch bundles, per format
2x Forgotten Realms Draft Booster boxes & 1x Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Draft Booster box (Top 8 Split over 3 formats)

Draw Prizes:
3x Secret lair (1x Top 8 per format)
3x Forgotten Realms Bundles (Standard)
3x Forgotten Realms Bundles (Pioneer)
3x Modern Horizons 2 Bundles (Modern)

6x Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Bundles (2 per format, draw for top 8)
9x Dragon Shield Nomad Travel & Outdoor Playmats
36 x Card dividers (6 per pack)

Legacy side event prize structure
Cash split to top 4
Winner playmat

Event dates and formats: Hosted at The Nexus 

24th September: Standard main event and Legacy side event
25th September: Pioneer main event
26th September: Modern main event