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Player of the month: August 2021

Paul Bester

Good day Everyone I am Paul Bester

For me the adventure, which is Magic the Gathering, started in 2003 with the release of Mirrodin and once I had built and played my first deck at my local FNM I was hooked and have been ever since.

Magic the Gathering brings together 2 elements that I’ve always loved, one being the fantasy world of dragons, elves, angry hamsters and explosive spells that we get to emerge ourselves in and the second being the complex and intricate nature of the game. Magic the Gathering is a game that grants the players the chance to completely customize their decks and use strategic combinations required to conjure a winning strategy.

For the Recent EGG Historic Event I created a small gauntlet of decks to enter, however after experiencing some mixed results and time running out (read Adam reminding you) I decided to go with a Mono green aggro deck featuring New Cards From Forgotten realms, Rangers class and Werewolf pack leader.

The Deck was Originally built to complete a daily challenge task of 20 green spells. The deck delivered quite impressive results which in turn resulted in my weapon of choice for the tournament. I had a great run in the tournament, quickly able to overwhelm every opponent except the final boss who dropped his KOMA on me turn 4 O_o

Lastly, I would like to give a special Shout out to 2 guys today

  1. Nivesh Kowlaser: we met at Uni, across a table in an intense UW Delver mirror and he has been not just my magic testing buddy but also my best friend.

  2. Adam ADAMIN Prevo’st: the amount of time and effort this guy has put into creating this complete EGG brand and making these types of competitions a reality is simply exquisite, thank you!!