EGG Rules

EGG Rules and guidelines for Tournament play

September 2021 revision:

Our basic rules - Over arching all events and tournaments (different events and tournaments may have differing or more comprehensive rules, these will be detailed with those events)

Players are expected to know the game's rules and be familiar with policies and procedures, but unintentional errors are not punished severely.

Deliberate cheating or disruptive play (as determined by a judge) of any kind will not be tolerated, and unsportsman-like play/behaviour is prohibited.

Our Basic Principals - Overacrching all events, shows and tournaments

Family Friendly
No Racism
No Sexism
No Slander
No Brand-bashing
Loads of fun
Be Excellent unto each other

Easy Gaming Group reserves the right to refuse anyone access to our events should they be found in controvention of these rules and guidelines.